How can REVIV help the over 50s?

REVIV offer therapies that aim to improve health, protect the body against minor illness and disease and hydrate the body fast and effectively. All of these factors are vital for the middle-aged demographic as our bodies begin to slow and age.

Utilising high doses of vitamins and antioxidants, like vitamin c (ascorbic acid) and glutathione, we can feed the body with essential nutrients that will help maintain normal cellular function and lead to many positive outcomes including better immune responses.
The reason we need antioxidants and vitamins is because our body requires them to neutralise and remove toxins called free radicals that build up in cells. They form as a by-product of everyday life, stress (physical and mental), pollution, chemicals (pesticides, plastics etc) and medications. Free radicals accumulate in greater volumes as we age so vitamins and anti-oxidants become increasingly important.

By bypassing the gut and having the therapy intravenously (IV), science tells us we can utilise these vitamins and antioxidants far more effectively and can reach higher cellular levels, faster. For this reason, we get faster and more enhanced protection. The gut becomes worse at absorbing nutrients as we age so the benefits from these nutrients become dampened, leading to further ageing and potentially heightened disease processes elsewhere in the body.

High doses of vitamins and antioxidants also promote anti-ageing. This is because the cells of the body, when adequately nourished in essential nutrients, work normally. Normal working cell means the body is functioning healthily. This is the opposite of an ageing body, where the cells tire and dysfunction leading to ageing or disease processes. This includes the skin, where normally functioning skin cells will produce more collagen, resulting in fewer wrinkles, and maintain a normal skin cycle. We commonly use skin creams containing small amounts of antioxidants and vitamins, usually that have minimal absorption rates due to the skin being an excellent barrier. By administering these ingredients intravenously (IV), we can achieve far higher doses with 100% absorption rates, really nourishing the skin and all other body tissues with these fantastic nutrients and hydration. A large number of scientific studies have shown evidence of vitamins and antioxidants having active protective and preventative roles against many diseases, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, amongst others.

REVIV’s Megaboost high dose Vitamin C IV is our most vitamin and antioxidant-rich infusion, especially when combined with our additional antioxidant pushes. The Megaboost is, therefore, a fantastic choice for disease prevention, boosting the immune system, improving normal cellular function, anti-ageing and improving low energy levels.

Dr Michael Barnish MBChB
Head of Genetics & Nutrition
REVIV Global Ltd.